Zahlin Mobile Payment

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fast and secure payment at restaurants and bars

Why pay with Zahlin?

we deliver delightful experience replacing outdated technologies

Fast and Hassle-Free

You don't have to wait for the bill anymore. Simply enjoy your meal or drink and then leave when you want.

Zahlin will handle payment safely and securely with a stored credit card or Apple Pay and email you a receipt.

Safe and Secure

Your credit card information is securely stored by our payment processor (same as in SBB and Uber apps), not on your phone or Zahlin's servers.

You can also configure security settings to require manual approval (with PIN or fingerprint) for each payment. We also protect you in case of any disputes regarding bills.

Rewarding and Convenient

Zahlin help you discover best venues. It also works as digital loyalty card offering attractive vouchers and rewards.

You can easily split the bill with friends without scrabbling for cash. And all your receipts are conveniently stored in one place.

So simple to use

three easy steps and no more frustration waiting for the bill

1. check-in


When you come to the participating restaurant, please check-in yourself. Four-digit code is generated for each visit.

2. inform your waiter


Tell or show your waiter four-digit code from check-in. He will use it to keep tab of your orders.

3. close tab


You can check your bill in real-time. Simply leave when you want by paying with one click.

Common questions

If you were unable to find the answer to your question below, please reach to us.

01. How much does it cost?

Zahlin is free for you as a customer. No hidden fees, guaranteed! We are paid by restaurants for improving their service.

04. I was charged incorrect amount...

Please email us at [email protected]. We will be in touch to help you.

02. Where can I use Zahlin?

We are launching in Zurich first but already working on bringing simplified and faster payment process to other cities.

05. Can I get an itemized bill?

Unfortunately, not in the current version. We are working with major point of sale (POS) vendors to enable it soon. For now please ask the waiter to print it out for you.

03. Which mobile phones are supported?

First version is built for Apple devices. However native Android and HTML5 versions are in development.

06. Where exactly do you keep my credit card?

We use a Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) compliant vault service to securely store your credit card data. See Datatrans’ “credit card alias” solution for more details.

Contact us

we are ready to answer any questions you have, to showcase Zahlin, or to listen to your suggestions

Email us at team@zahl.in

+41 79 316 54 89

We live in the age when completing tasks through a mobile phone has become mainstream - checking in for flight, sending money or connecting with people across the world.

But not yet paying easy for meals and drinks... It's time to change. Join us on this exciting journey!